Hello guys,

As you read the tittle there, it is actually about me.

Blogging or writing is something that i put in my Thing-must-do list. One of my promises is to keep update and not abundant my blog.

Hey, i know it has been a second week of hari raya. Here i wish you all, Selamat Hari Raya and maaf Zahir Batin. How was your raya? mine? hurmmm i would rather say, it was biasa-biasa saja. Yahhh, as usual in the morning, everyone went to mosque for performing solat sunat hari raya and the next thing is bersalam-salaman and went to graveyard as reminder for us not to forget someone who no longer here.

My hari raya just until the second day of hari raya as i have to went back to KL and coming back to work.. Okay, i can't describe my feelings as it my first time.. Kita dah kerja :) All the suasana became strange you know.. Now it is your turn to give people money or so called duit raya.You will never receive anymore unless you the lucky one. which i am not. hew hew hew. Pity me.

Lets check my Hari raya celebration's photos.

Share me your raya story.