I have More Than 500 Children

What would you do if you were told that you are the biological father/mother for more than 500 children?

Okay! this is insane. hahaha. But, if this is true i am the most lucky person in the world. Having 500 and more children is like you have your own army. Yeayyyyh!

Other thing is.. imagine that every children of mine turn out be a successful person in the world. i will make sure that all the benefit will get to me. :D hahaha *Cruel*

Back to the question, if i were be told about that, what i will do....

First, i will gather them all. I will make sure that they will be raised by good people and make sure that they will be a professional or leader of any country.

second, if they succeed to be that, i will make sure that i get free visit to any country that rule by them. Hahaha.. See, i just wants to go all around the world without paying any penny and without going through immigration. :D

I love kid and I love travel.  

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