Sherlin's Wedding Reception

May peace upon you!

Do you remember my post before this entitle 'BerTUNANG'?  If you guys do not remember it, here is the link of the post : Bertunang.

The post is about my friend's sister ( kak Sherlin ) and my counsin ( kak Linda ) engagement day. After one year being someone's fiancee, now kak Sherlin has change his title from miss to Mrs. :) As usual, I had been invited to her wedding not only as a close friend of her brother but also as a crew of the wedding reception. I in charged of the candy buffet, photo booth and also as a unofficial photographer. :D The wedding reception was on 30th November 2013 and it went well according to the plan.

Hey, Before this i posted my article on 'Dress well for wedding reception' right? Now, let me show you how i chose my attire during that day. *bunyi mcm pakar sgt dlm bidang fashion*

My friend Shamsal ( the bride's brother ) told me that the theme color for the family attire is Tiffany Blue. So, Shamsal requested me to has the same color as the family. i decided to wear kemeja instead of Baju Melayu. The reasons are, the reception was at Dewan dato Othman Haron, Kem Wardieburn and i came as a crew and as a member of the family, it needed me to walk around and helping them to make sure the ceremony going well.
Shamsal *the bride's brother*

I choose to wear Tiffany blue pants matched with the very soft blue shirt. Tiffany blue can be matched with baby pink, white or creamy color. Some others say orange or black but i am definitely not to choose these two colors to match with my pants (Tiffany Blue). I chose soft blue shirt because i wanted to look more decent during the ceremony and i think soft blue more suitable to be matched with Tiffany blue since Tiffany blue is little bit bright.
after the reception end!

I chose to wear not too brown, cream and black shoes * I dont know what exactly my shoes color's name* kekekeke. Why i chose this color because it will make me look luxurious :) and it also seem to fit in with color of my attire. *ecehh pepandai je dia*
during the reception

For the accessories, i chose to bring my clutch since i can put many things together in it like my phone, cermin mata and etc. I also wore a watch and ring as my accessories during that day but not a suitable one. i will show you which watch and ring you should wear.

as for me, guy should wear silver ring and suitable watch to match with this kind of attire.
Silver Ring


Those who are wear spectacle, you can choose a nice design of spectacle or else you can just use contact lens instead of using spectacle.

wearing spectacle 
It is not hard to dress well if you know how to mix and match between colors, materials and also accessories. You don't even have to buy expensive things to look luxurious. What matter most is that you know how to dress well and look decent and respectful.