Dress Well for Wedding Reception

When November and December come,there will be so many invitations of wedding reception. i believe that once u get the invitation card, the first question that comes across your mind is ' what to wear to a wedding reception?' especially women!

As for me, there is no rule in dressing up, as long as you are comfortable with the attire. But still you need to know how to be looked respectful.

As Malaysians we still have to keep the decency and modesty in our dressing. But,Malaysians have not yet realized how to dress up well and proper to the occasion.

what we need to know is to keep the balance between going to a party look and keeping it respectful. here are the tips how to dress for a wedding reception;

1. Know where the wedding is being conducted- Ballroom hotel, home (urban, suburb or village, park, garden, vineyard etc. Wear according to the theme and place. Know either it is formal, semi formal or informal.

2. Just wear a dress that makes you look classy. Baju Kurung Moden is recommended for Malays. This is where we can show the uniqueness of our culture and tradition to people outside.  But now, there are so many fashion and style especially for women. Instead of baju kurung you can wear peplum dress but make sure do not over shadow the bride. for guys if the reception is conducted at ballroom hotel and the theme of the reception follows the malay custom, you can wear a full set baju melayu and if the theme is follow the western style, you can wear a suit. Other than that, you can wear smart casual. Do not wear sleepers. come on guys.... at least wear something nice to cover your feet but not flip flop sandal!

3. For women who wear a plain dress or baju kurung, you should wear a fabulous piece of jewellary, or let a pattern do the talking. As an example who wearing hijab or tudung, find the suitable hijab style for the wedding reception. those who are not wearing hijab, make sure that you wear your hair up or off your face so it doesn't bother you when you're having your meal.

I may not good in fashion and style. This is just my opinion on how we should dressing up for wedding reception.