Streetwear Fashion

As i promised before this, i wanted to talk about 'streetwear'. It is hard to define streetwear fashion since it is one of most over-changing styles in today's world even i wear it.

So what is streetwear fashion actually? 
is it a culture in itself or a part of an overall encompassing culture?
Does it have to do with music?
Does it have to do with races?

So, what happening on our street now? what people wear now especially the teenage? what fashion they follow? K-Pop? Hip-Hop? Hijabista? Hipster? or Wak Doyok??? 

According to Erik Railton, designer of local line Troop, it's "unique, cutting-edge clothing, design that isn't mass-produced by a big label.". So, streetwear is unique and unique doesn't mean that it must be produced by a big label and not necessarily expensive. 

In short, Streetwear is largely a grassroots fashion movement influenced by what happening "on the streets" and constantly evolving. 

I have my own definition on streetwear fashion. to me, streetwear fashion is outfit that you wear and you DON"T HAVE TO PUT MUCH EFFORT ON IT.
Here are the general rules about streetwear:
1. Centered upon casual.
2. Comfortable pieces ( jeans, t-shirt, sneakers)

pilih yang ikut cuaca negara kita k and tengok keadaan and event.

Let me give you some example what i always wear and a few friends of mine.

I wore this when i went to cinema at night. The shirt is slightly thicker. So, sesuai lah nak keluar malam tak sejuk sangat nanti dalam cinema.

 I always wear like this during a day. Simple but nice right?

I matched the outfit with sneakers. kalau perasan la. i wore black sneakers.

See. you don't have to buy something that big label pun to look nice. t-shirt is from SMK seksyen 5 Wangsa Maju. 

I also have friend that agreed with me on this. But the different about both of us is, he go for big-label of shirt but me, i do mix and match. hahaha. Kadang-kadang saya pakai juga yang berjenama. Tengok yang mana selesa.

Here some photos of my friend-Ismail. 

 Ismail sangat bijak dalam memilih material and color. black looks good on him right?

Another thing, please.. find the right shoes. and please no flip flop!!! ada flip flop yang ok tapi please cari kasut yang sesuai.

 Nice right? simple.

 If you don't want ot wear t-shirt, you boleh pakai kemeja yang simple macam ni.
 Ataupun yang ada collar macam ni. 

Hurmm.. ada contoh yang lain macam model ni

 Owhhhhh!! i love this one. the boots!

and.. here also few photos friends of mine.

choose the right t-shirt, right pants, and the right shoes. remember less is more. just be simple.

If you ask me, how i define my streetwear fashion?

my streetwear is ABOUT BEING ME AND BEING WHO I AM!!

p/s : you guys can check my friend's instagran : Budakcik / naimrosli /ismailrosly  and the model up there -viueharaa