Don't Let Wet Weather Dampen Your Style Spirit!

Hello guys..

It has been a while i'm not talking about fashion. Not that i'm good at it but i think this is what my opinion that matter.

Frequent rain gives us many reasons to hate the months between June and October maybe up to November and December – floods, flu, and your pretty new shoes ruined.

Nothing you can do much about weather. It is beyond our control. But for fashion it is your control. As those who follow me, they might know that i always choose something that simple, nice and likeable... haha likeable tu macam not that really la kot.

So, for this entry i would talk about wet weather style especially for those who live in Malaysia.

Kalau waktu hujan-hujan  macam ni, don’t let this kind of weather dampen your style spirit. If anything, you should be inspired to level up that wardrobe.

Bila hujan apa yang selalu berlaku? -Basah dan Sejuk kan?

If you ask me apa yang saya pilih, i will choose knitwear.  Bukan sahaja selesa but it will make you feel warm  plus they’re on trend this season. yahh seriously go and check H&M, Topman, Uniqlo whatever your store is, They must have knitted wear.

If you wants to wear t-shirt, for me you must put together with good cover-up, like a windbreaker or the more stylish trench coat. Trench coats are long enough to cover your entire outfit. Now if you’re still reluctant to attempt a full-on trench coat, you can always go with a subtler cover-up like a jacket or blazer

Second, Short bottom *not recommended for Muslim*-- tak nak tanggung dosa korang!! dosa sendiri pun tak tertanggung. Anyhow, sekarang ramai yang lipat kaki seluar sampai nampak buku lali kan, that's cool and technically practical during wet season. Not to forget, you guys can find three quarter pants or yang under the knees kind of pants.

Third, wear something bright. Try red or orange or even electric blue and neon pink. The opposite reaction to the dim colors outdoors is to go bright. Bold colors like the earlier mentioned red and orange or yellow and pink can perk up any stormy background.

wet weather wear kind of me

1. Knitted wear from Topman

wet weather style of me :P

1. White singlet (can't remember where i bought it)
2. Cover-up Shirt from PosseApparel
3. Skinny Fit Jeans from Uniqlo
4. Shoes from Lan Baharin